May 5, 2014 |

Speed vs. Accuracy: Making the case for both

By Mandy Wolf Detwiler

2009 July: Sandwiches Now!Man, it happened AGAIN. My husband was just forced to give up half the hot peppers off his gourmet sandwich because the sub shop employees forgot them. Again.

We get carryout from this large sub chain about once a week. It’s on my husband’s way home from work, and it’s pretty good. They’ve been advertising their “freaky fast” delivery for some time now. Unfortunately, that speed seems to come with compromised accuracy, as my turkey sandwich NEVER seems to get the hot peppers I always add on.

It isn’t just my local store, either. We ordered for the company during a meeting one day (don’t judge … even pizza magazine employees enjoy a good BLT every now and then), and half our sandwiches didn’t seem to have the additional hot peppers. This leads me to believe it isn’t just a fluke. Clearly, getting those sandwiches to their intended destination at warp speed is only half the battle. If you’ve got employees who can’t seem to get it right, what’s the chance of getting customers to come back in?

This week, stress to your employees that getting an order out fast is great (heck, your business may depend on delivery), but if you’re not getting it right, your customers may not be getting it at all next time.