October 29, 2012 |

Supplier Offers Better Pricing

By Jeffrey Freehof

I discovered my supplier has been overcharging me on almost everything. I was giving him just about all my business. I have switched suppliers and now he wants to offer me better pricing. I’m furious. How do I handle this?

It’s one of the most important reasons that you should always have two suppliers. It keeps them honest and knowing that they are competing for your business with the best pricing they can offer. When they feel that you’re exclusive with them, most will treat you very well for giving them your business. Then, there are the greedy ones who will take advantage of you for not paying attention (like your guy). I’d continue to get pricing from him even if you never buy from him again. I’d attempt to make him sell to you at cost to make up for the overcharging and to gain your trust back. A rebate would be my first choice, but I doubt he has even admitted to overcharging you.