March 27, 2014 |

Throwback Thursday: Cheese Prices in October 2001

By Mandy Wolf Detwiler

October 2001 CoverThe cost of cheese: it’s the bane of many a pizzeria’s existence. No better illustration could express this than our October 2001 cover (that’s a former employee, by the way). Cheese prices are one of the biggest issues facing our industry. Editor in Chief Jeremy W. examined how the current spike in this cheesy ingredient is affecting pizzas in his blog. The Cheese Reporter keeps track of the fluctuating market –– do you? Are you surprised by rising costs when it’s time to restock? How often do you receive cheese deliveries? If you’re currently at International Pizza Expo like I am, a big topic of discussion has been keeping food costs down. It’s been a focus of several of our seminars and a concern brought up during last night’s Beer & Bull Idea Exchange. We want to hear what you’re doing to control food costs. Stop by booth #2147 and visit with the Pizza Today staff, or leave your ideas in the comments section. Then make plans to attend next year!