November 28, 2013 |

Throwback Thursday: Delivery speeds up in November 2002

By Mandy Wolf Detwiler

November 2002#TBT November 2002: Then interim editor Jeremy White took a hard look at what consumers expected from pizzerias when they ordered delivery. Thanks in part to Domino’s Pizza’s 30-minute delivery guarantee, folks simply desired the same from their local independents.

Today, delivery employees don’t need to depend as much on physical maps as they do GPS systems, now readily available via mobile app or POS system. When I ordered a couple of pizzas a few weeks ago, it seems to take a bit longer than normal. The driver eventually called to ask exactly where my house was. Turned out he was already there, but my dark street coupled with heavy rain made it difficult to see the numbers on my mailbox. I appreciated him calling  –– before the pizzas were stone cold.

Mandy Wolf Detwiler is managing editor at Pizza Today.