April 10, 2014 |

Throwback Thursday: Pizza Today visits … Greenland?

By Mandy Wolf Detwiler

feb93In February 1993, this memorable cover featured our  Gerry & Kaye Durnell (left) with a team of pizzaiolos making one heckuva delivery … to Greenland. The Durnells were attempting to make one of the longest pizza deliveries ever –– and they documented their journey from start to finish.

The campaign, dubbed “A Slice of Home,” was designed to bring pizza to military installations around the world (like Thure, Greenland). Pizza is one of many US military troops’ most-missed foods from home, and the goodwill trip to Thure Air Base brought attention both to the pizza industry and to Pizza Today.

Among the team’s inventory was 1,500 pounds of flour, 600 pounds of sauce, four cases of mushrooms, two cases of black olives, 75 pounds of pepperoni, 150 pounds of Canadian bacon, 300 pounds of Italian sausage, 1,200 pounds of mozzarella, 220 pounds of provolone and some miscellaneous spices and oils. Pizzaiolos and suppliers from across the country joined in the effort. The result was one of Pizza Today’s most massive undertakings –– and one we’re still proud of today.