August 14, 2014 |

Throwback Thursday: Take and bake in June 2006

By Mandy Wolf Detwiler

June 2006 CoverI LOVE take-and-bake pizza. As the busy mother of a middle school with a mile-long list of activities, we’re eating on the go a lot. (Plus, those new encharitos at Taco Bell are good.) Picking up a family-size pizza from industry leader Papa Murphy’s works for our family. I can have it home and in the oven by the time my husband pulls in the driveway with minimal effort. Plus, it’s tasty and consistent.

The take-and-bake pizza trend began to heat up in in the mid 2000s, and that’s when we featured it for the first time on our cover. The article took a look at take and bake as a concept and provided a primer for getting started.

Still, it’s not entirely common in the industry. After covering pizzerias for 10 years, I still don’t see many full-scale pizzerias doing take-and-bake as an add on. The cost of creating separate pizzas for this purpose seems to outweigh the benefits, and that’s a shame, mainly because you’re letting grocery stores, big-box warehouses and specialty stores cash in on take-and-bake. We’ve got a new grocery store in town that offers a number of unbaked pizzas to buy while you’re picking up that gallon of milk and doughnuts for tomorrow’s breakfast. Better yet? It’s inexpensive, under $10 for a large 16-inch pepperoni. That’s dough you could be bringing in.

Do you offer take and bake? Have any tips? Our Dough Doctor Tom Lehmann provides some dough advice if you’re ready to tackle it.