April 7, 2014 |

Is your Web site safe?

By Mandy Wolf Detwiler

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 6.34.24 PMI recently talked to my mother on the phone as she drove to pick up a pizza for dinner. My 99-year-old great aunt had been visiting, my mom had cooked quite a bit and she was pretty much done trying to impress anyone by day three of their visit.

She had tried to order from a local pizzeria in her small town of New Albany, Indiana. The company’s Web site, however, didn’t seem to be working. Several times it told her that clicking through to the company’s site could harm her computer. She tried going through the pizzeria’s Facebook page, but the Web site said the same warning over and over. She eventually gave up and ordered from one of the national chains instead. “You should blog about this,” she said. “People should check their Web sites to make sure they’re working.”

Ok, Mom. I’m listening, and Pizza Today‘s readers should, too.

Your presence on the Internet says a lot about you –– not only in the way your site is designed but also how well it works. Checking it frequently should be part of your manager’s daily duties. (Better yet, check it several times throughout the day.) This is especially important if you offer online ordering. How often do you check your online ordering system to make sure it is working properly? Don’t assuming that orders are completed and payments process simply because your site appears to be functional. Test it often. (This is also a good indicator of how well your staff addresses online ordering.) Check it from different browsers, too.

I’m sure my parents would have loved a fresh, hot pizza from their local independent, but they’ll eat a fresh, hot pizza from the competition just as easily. How easy will you make it for your customers?