April 18, 2014 |

Is a weekend brunch right for your pizzeria? (with recipes)

By Denise Greer

breakfast pizzaIt’s the week of Easter and I opened my alternative weekly newspaper to a full spread introducing the best spots in my city to have Sunday brunch. We’ve witnessed so many restaurants adding a weekend brunch to their operating hours — from burger joints, taquerias, American fare and, yes, pizzerias.

Executed effectively and brunch can rival weekend dinner sales in some areas. There are many commonalities that successful brunch restaurants share — things like a limited menu blending breakfast and lunch offering; brunch-based alcohol offerings, like mimosas and bloody marys; a casual environment, typically outdoor seating and many operate their brunch program seasonally.

Before you jump into a brunch program, answer these questions:

  • Does a brunch program fit my concept and my customer base?
  • Is there a market for brunch in my radius? How successful are comparable businesses that are currently offering brunch?
  • What operational procedures and staff will I have to increase to add a brunch?
  • How profitable will a brunch program be when I factor in added operational costs?
  • Is offering brunch going to cannibalize business from my other day parts?
  • How can I incorporate ingredients I already have into a brunch menu?
  • What brunch item(s) could I offer that would make my restaurant stand out?

If brunch is right for your pizzeria or you already offer brunch, here are a few brunch recipe ideas:


Bruno’s Brunch Pizza

Pizza Calabrese

Pizza Calabrese

Island Dough Boys, Manzo

Island Dough Boys

Porta New Orleans

Porta New Orleans


The Martella dessert pizza

The Martella

Fresh Fruit Salad

Fresh Fruit Salad


2009 June: Fruitza

Mandarin Pizza

cannibal pizza, dessert, pizza

Cannibal Pizza

Frittata del'Ortolana (Vegetable Frittata)

Frittata del’Ortolana