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Man on the Street: Motor City’s Finest

The popular pizza style is making Detroit a pizza destination After I hung up the phone, it took a few seconds of delightful distraction before sheer terror set in. The folks from Pizza Expo had asked me to moderate a panel discussion about Detroit-style pizza at the 2018 event in Las Vegas. Detroit style has...... Read More

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Conversation: Alex Napoletano, Rubirosa, NYC

Rubirosa New York City, New York Our Pizzeria and Ristorante was founded over seven years ago by A.J. Pappalardo, the son of the famed Staten Island pizzaiolo Guissepe Pappalardo. A.J.’s vision was to open a pizzeria in Manhattan that reflected his father’s renowned recipes through a new lens. The style is unique, and has proven...... Read More

Do you need a front-of-house manager?

(And if so, how do you bring just the right one on board?) When asked what he’d do without his front-of-the-house manager Stacie Horton, Rick Drury doesn’t hesitate to shake his head. For the last seven years, Horton has been Drury’s dining room lynchpin at Precinct Pizza, his 11-year-old, Tampa-based eatery that does more than...... Read More

Is Your Concept Outdated?

When, why and how to update your brand Checkered tablecloths and Chianti-bottled candles have long been the stereotype of Italian restaurants, and some concepts still haven’t left the 1980s. While traditional décor, old-fashioned menus and familiar food still fly in some venues, times –– and customers –– are always changing. Most pizzerias must continually revamp...... Read More





Big Profits and Big Numbers

Micheal Shepherd talks profit margins Industry consultant and 20-year restaurant veteran Michael Shepherd shares what it takes to achieve a 20-percent profit margin. He outlines what he will cover during his session at Pizza & Pasta Northeast in Atlantic City, on October 17 and 18. Check out the show’s... Read More