Pineapple a Day

pineappe upside down pizza

Diving into the many uses of “king of the pizza fruit” Without a doubt, pineapple is the king of pizza fruit. Pairing pineapple with salty pork, luxurious melting cheeses, spicy jalapeño, nuts and herbs transforms a boring pie into a memorable experience. In any pizzeria, one of the “must have” toppings is this spiny fruit,More »

Spring into Summer

summer pizza

Summer ingredients make perfect LTO menu offerings Summer brings the sun, fun and relaxation of life to my small town. It also harkens the advent of barbequing, home cooking and my customers vacationing away from town. When I first opened, this meant fewer sales, less cash flow and less profitability … until I did somethingMore »

Mush Boom

mushroom varieties

Operators embrace mushrooms’ availability year ’round In 1975, I was a young dishwasher at a Swenson’s ice cream restaurant in Chicago. One day, Kevin, our abusive 20 year-old “head cook,” called me to the grill to see something cool. I complied, hoping he would hook me up with free food. “Check this out, dish dork,”More »

More Prawn Stars: Shrimp on pizza

shrimp saltimbocca pizza

In the web exclusive, John Gutekanst shares a recipe that exemplifies why shrimp on pizza is a winner on your pizzeria’s menu. Shrimp Saltimbocca Pizza Saltimbocca means “jump in the mouth” in Italian and is a Roman dish traditionally made with thinly sliced veal, prosciutto di Parma and fresh sage. Here, I’ve used a combinationMore »