2010 May: Marketing Matters

2010 May: Marketing Matters

On the PizzaToday.com bulletin boards, April Murray, co-owner of Just Pizza in Gibsonville, North Carolina, recently asked this question: “How many of you actually utilize coupons or not? I am hearing requests from customers for coupons, but we offer pretty good specials that we change every three months or so. Any ideas?”     LikeMore »

Marketing Matters: Community Engagement

2012 December: Marketing Matters

Are you a team player or do you just talk a good game? Pizzerias have found that being involved with local sports is a way to score with the community. Today’s world takes effort to keep young people on the right track, and participation in extracur­ricular activities gets them off the couch and teaches themMore »

Prime Cost Control

Climbing commodities, fewer diners, eroding economy: does it spell “d-o-o-m” for your pizzeria? Not if you take control o your crucial costs — those that we can control on a daily basis. The total of these controllable costs are termed “Prime Cost.” Simply put, prime cost equals the sum of your food and labor costs.More »

Marketing Matters: Grand Opening Marketing

2012 November: Marketing Matters

Your grand opening is the BIG BANG of your business. Your opening marketing must be explosive enough, setting in motion the creation of your business. This is a golden marketing opportunity. Do the work. Business is not a ‘Field of Dreams.’ You must draw people in and prove your merit. Accomplish these Big Bang goalsMore »

Marketing Matters: The power of imagery

2012 October: Marketing Matters

A photo of a recently deceased friend was posted on a social network. As people commented several words kept reoccurring; beautiful, con­fident, intelligent. That photo was powerful; it evoked memories and emotions. Though we view things in varying ways, all of us have emotional responses to the things around us. A picture can convey intenseMore »


My manager’s paycheck and my driver’s tips last week both were more than I took home as the pizzeria’s owner. I logged as many hours as both of them, but I don’t have a steady income (sometimes I don’t even make minimum wage). Sound familiar? Many operators relate to this scenario. Why? One forgotten factorMore »