September 12, 2012 |

Salad Bar Safety Tips

By Pizza Today

Josh Keown

• Start in the back of the house by washing fruits and vegetables, using designated cutting utensils and wearing gloves.

• Keep cold foods at 41 F or below; hot foods at 140 F or above. Be sure your equipment can hold these temperatures over long periods of time, and check temperatures every few hours.

• Protect food with sneeze guards and shields. According to The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, guards should be 14 to 18 inches above the serving area.

• Label everything with easy-to-read tags to discourage the “finger-dip” method of testing foods.

• Use long-handled utensils and make them easy for customers to reach. Utensils should be replaced or sanitized at least every four hours.

• Post signs that remind customers to use clean plates for each visit, and keep plenty of clean plates available.

• Keep a close watch: clean spills quickly, ensure children aren’t reaching into food trays, and replenish items as needed.

For additional information, contact The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, (800) 765-2122, or



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