August 15, 2012 |

2012 August: Fryer Performance

By Pizza Today

To get the best possible performance out of your fryer, follow these guidelines:

• Use clean oil at all times.

• Bring oil to the proper temperature (350 F). If the temperature is too low the food will absorb too much oil. If it’s too high, you’ll burn your product too easily.

• Food should be frozen, very cold or very dry before it’s lowered into the fryer.

• Shake off excess crumbs, batter or breading before dropping items into the fryer.

• Don’t fry too much at one time. Doing so lowers the temperature, thereby causing food to absorb too much oil.

• After draining food over the oil tank, turn it out onto cloth or paper to drain further.

• Serve immediately as fried items do not hold up well over time.


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