Giordano’s Pizza responds to Jon Stewart’s Chicago pizza rant

Jon Stewart rant

The New York pizza verses Chicago pizza battle rages on. Giordano’s Pizza has teamed up with Chicago comedian Pat McGann to respond to Jon Stewart’s rant on deep dish pizza on The Daily Show on November 13. Watch Giordano’s clever response video: Check out what Jon Stewart had to say about Chicago-style pizza on TheMore »

Pizza Today on the Road: Steel City Pizza Co., Charleston, SC

Pizza Today on the Road: Steel City Pizza Co., Charleston, SC (VIDEO)

Pizza Today drops in on Steel City Pizza Company in North Charleston, South Carolina. The two-unit pizzeria’s concept pays homage to Adam Carb, Mark Gray and Tony Arcuri’s hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Watch as Mark Gray lets us in on Steel City:

Pizza Today on the Road: Extra Virgin Oven, Charleston, SC

Co-owner Ricky Hacker (left), Executive Chef Blake McCormick and Co-owner Matt McIntosh

Pizza Today drops in on Extra Virgin Oven, a locally-focused pizzeria in Charleston, South Carolina. First opened as a farmers’ market pizza cart in 2005, EVO has grown into a million-dollar operation. Watch as Executive Chef Blake McCormick lets us in on the EVO concept:

Dough Doctor: How does oil affect dough?

Oil is a truly multi-functional ingredient in pizza dough production. It can affect everything from the crispiness to flavor of the crust, as well as the way the dough handles during shaping. The type of oil used can influence the flavor of the finished crust, providing anything from a neutral flavor to characterizing flavor. ForMore »