An inside look at Pizza & Pasta Northeast

Conversations with three seminar and demo presenters: Tony Gemignani, owner of Tony’s Pizza Napoletana and Pizza Rock; Nick Bogacz, owner of Caliente Pizza & Draft House; and Eric Shepherd, Director of Marketing &... Read More



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Mike’s Monthly Tip: Guerilla Gifting

Personalized gifts can go a long way What birthday gift did you get as a kid that you still remember to this day? Really look back to that moment and the feeling it elicited from you. Think of the joy and happiness of that moment, whether it was something you asked for or something you...... Read More

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Pizza Today On the Road: The Post, Louisville, KY

Post-modern Transformation Former VFW post reborn as popular local pizzeria While walking a few blocks from their home in the Germantown neighborhood in Louisville, Kentucky, Laura and Nash Neely noticed an old VFW post for sale on Germantown’s main thoroughfare. “We had a real love for the neighborhood and knew the vibe over here,” Laura...... Read More

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Man on the Street: Regional Pizza Style Manifesto

Not every region has its own true style I’m delighted that the Internet is so into pizza right now, but I have to pump the brakes a bit and point out that the number of click-lists and rundowns about regional pizza styles is getting ridiculous. It feels like every week there’s another 101 Pizza Styles...... Read More

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Temperature Controls

Highway to the non-danger zone The danger zone is not that sweet spot that only Maverick lives in with Kenny Loggins providing the soundtrack. It’s the temperature where bacteria grow. It’s the un-fun, not sexy part of the job, but it’s the most important in our due diligence to provide a safe environment to our...... Read More





Pizza and Pasta Northeast Update Show — Ep. 2

Josh Keown takes a look at the workshops offered on October 3rd and 4th at Pizza & Pasta Northeast.... Read More