2017 — What’s trending?

As a new year rang in, the food industry made its predictions of restaurant trends that will sweep the nation, from rising concepts to customer-facing tech and hot menu... Read More




Pizza Today on the Road: Persona Wood Fired Pizzeria, Calif.

Keeping it personal Persona Pizzeria proves Neapolitan-style pizza can be fast, affordable I first met Glenn Cybulski in a Mexican cantina at the Las Vegas airport. We’d both attended International Pizza Expo. I had a delayed flight; Cybulski and his then-partner were catching a drink before heading back to California, where the pair operated a...... Read More


The Online Game

If you still are resisting online ordering, you’re making a big mistake “My phone’s ringing and my wait staff does just fine taking orders, so why add online ordering?” It’s a question I’ve heard numerous times. The Big Three pizza chains process nearly 15 percent of all of the pizza industry revenue via their digital...... Read More


Protect & Serve

Don’t overlook data protection responsibility Hundreds of credit cards and debit cards are swiped daily in your restaurant. Add online orders and gift card purchases to that total, and the chance for identity theft, fraud and security breaches are exponential. Freaked out yet? Ready to toss the credit card payment processor, shut down the Wi-Fi,...... Read More

Co-owners John (left) and George Rayyan

Conversation with John Rayyan, Papa Ray’s, Chicago

Papa Ray’s Pizza & Wings  Chicago, Illinois Papa Ray’s Pizza & Wings was founded by the Rayyan brothers in 2009. They used the name “Ray” in honor of their father. With four counter-service locations in Chicago, Papa Rays is known for its thin, hand-tossed pizza and its Monster slices. Papa Ray’s Pizza & Wings was...... Read More





Why I bring my team to Pizza Expo — Tom Iannucci

Tom Iannucci, owns VPN-certified Pietro’s Pizza in Lihue, Hawaii. He lets us in on why he brings his staff to International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas. ... Read More