Chili Lime Avocado Pizza, tony gemignani, recipe

Tony’s Trending Recipe: Chili Lime and Avocado Pizza

Avocado season is February through September and summer is at its peak. I love avocados, and my absolute favorite is a Hass. I remember watching a live demonstration by Chef Rick Bayless and he was speaking about the different varieties of avocados. I didn’t know there were that many. His favorite was the Hass. I… Read More

asiago, balsamic, bacon, fig preserve, pizza

Trending Recipe: Asiago

Asiago is a soft to semi firm cows’ milk cheese. The texture and flavor can vary depending on its age. It can be sliced, shaved or grated. I look for the most flavorful Asiago, not the least expensive. When using a high-quality Asiago you can use less on your pizza. The amount of Asiago used… Read More

Olive Lime chicken pizza, Avocado-Olive Salsa, recipe

Olive Lime Chicken Pizza with Avocado-Olive Salsa

For the Pizza Olive Lime Chicken Pizza   Print Author: Pizza Today Recipe type: pizza Ingredients 1 large, 19-ounce dough ball made into a 14-inch round pizza shell 2 cups fresh spinach (packed) ⅓ cup chopped, cooked makeline chicken 3 tablespoons chopped black, ripe makeline olives 2 teaspoons powdered cumin 1 half lime 1 teaspoon… Read More

broccolini, white pie, recipe, tony gemignani, trending pizza topping

Tony’s Trending Recipe: White Pie Broccolini

Broccolini Broccolini is underused and underrated in our industry. You may have tried traditional broccoli (which is common) or broccoli rabe (which is slightly bitter). The flavor and appearance of broccolini really sets this vegetable apart. I prefer to trim and lightly blanch my broccolini first, then quickly sauté it with extra virgin olive oil,… Read More

chorizon, the picante, pizza rock, tony gemignani, pizza

Tony’s Trending Recipe: The Picante

Chorizo or Chouriço Classic spicy sausage adds bountiful flavor Ever since I got into the business, I have been using chorizo. There are several types of chorizo that are domestic and imported. You can use both cured or bulk, and I use both depending on the pizza. Chorizo is a type of pork sausage, the… Read More

pizza, Big Southwest Beef and Corn Pie with Pepper Jack

Big Southwest Beef and Corn Pie with Pepper Jack

For the Southwest beef: Southwest Beef for the Big Southwest Beef and Corn Pie with Pepper Jack   Print Author: John Gutekanst Recipe type: Pizza Ingredients 8 ounces raw ground beef ¼ teaspoon salt ¼ teaspoon pepper ¼ teaspoon cayenne ¼ teaspoon garlic powder ½ teaspoon oregano ½ teaspoon ground cumin Instructions Mix all ingredients… Read More

Calabrian Salami and Double Pecorino Pizza

Calabrian Salami and Double Pecorino Pizza

For the Pecorino Coins: Pecorino Coins for Calabrian Salami and Double Pecorino Pizza   Print Author: John Gutekanst Recipe type: Pizza Ingredients ½ tablespoon grated Pecorino for each coin Instructions Prepare a large sheet pan with parchment paper. Dollop a ½ tablespoon grated Pecorino into a pile on the parchment and gently push out into… Read More

carne asada, pizza, street food

Corne Asada Pizza

Recipe by Johnny Gilbert, Pizza Tree, Columbia, Missouri For the Corn Purée Corn Purée — Corne Asada Pizza   Print Author: Pizza Today Recipe type: Sauce Ingredients ½ pound unsalted butter 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 1 cup red onion (rough brunoise) 2 pounds sweet corn 1 cup vegetable stock 1 cup heavy whipping cream ¼ cup… Read More

Guanciale Pizza with Amatriciana Sauce, Tony Gemignani, recipe

Tony’s Trending Recipe: Pizza Amatriciana

Guanciale is cured pork jowl typically used in pasta dishes such as Bucatini all’Amatriciana or Spaghetti all’Carbonara. Amatriciana’s origin is from Amatrice, the province of Rieti in the Lazio region of Italy. Olive oil, or strutto (pork lard), can be used in this recipe, along with white wine. Although not traditional, you may see variations… Read More

Agave Pesto & Piquante Pepper Pizza

Tony’s Trending Recipe: Agave Pesto & Piquante Pepper Pizza

Last month I gave you a little background on agave nectar and provided a recipe for agave basil pesto. This month I present to you a recipe for a wonderful pizza featuring that pesto. Enjoy! Agave Pesto & Piquante Pepper Pizza   Print Author: Tony Gemignani Recipe type: pizza Ingredients 12- to 13-ounce dough ball… Read More

Get Creative with Your Thin-crust Pizza Recipe

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Take Inspiration from an Italian Pizza Recipe

American diners are gravitating toward classic Italian pizzas, like Roman, Sicilian and Neapolitan styles. Get a Marinara Pizza recipe from a legendary Italian pizzaiolo or a Pizza Margherita recipe from a VPN-certified pizzeria operator. Find authentic Italian pizza recipes and contemporary variations on Italian ingredients and toppings.