February 26, 2013 |

2009 April: A Pizza My Mind

By Dave Ostrander

2009 April: A Pizza My MindWhen trying to figure out what it will cost you to open a new pizzeria, it’s important to remember that your menu offerings will determine your equipment needs. Simply put: the more you offer, the more you’ll need. A simple operation, for example, will only need one exhaust system and won’t use a deep fryer. When it comes time to purchase equipment, you’ll need to determine whether to buy new or used. My personal recommendation is to buy a mix of both. If the customer doesn’t see it, I would normally opt for used. If it’s vital refrigeration or a POS system, I prefer new or, at the very least, like new. Ovens are a big unknown. New ovens are not inexpensive. But buying a set of used, beat, tired ovens is a nightmare. After all, all of your signature pizzas will be baked in it. If you decide to go with used, buy them from a reputable equipment company that specializes in rebuilding them. These ovens must have a 90-day warranty.

If I bought any used ovens I’d want the opportunity of test-baking my product in it before purchase. See the sidebar for a typical equipment list/pricing budget.

While it’s easy to get caught up in the big stuff, it’s important to keep in mind that it also takes a plethora of small wares to run a pizzeria. From refrigerator thermometers to lids to fl our racks, the list of what you’ll need nearly reaches 100 items and $7,000 in cost. And this is a conservative estimate of what you’ll need to open. You’ll replace many of these items, such as tongs and spoodles, more often than you’d like! If you’d like to see the complete list I’ve put together, log on to PizzaToday.com to download your own copy. ?”

Big Dave Ostrander owned a highly successful independent pizzeria before becoming a consultant, speaker and internationally sought-after trainer. He is a monthly contributor to Pizza Today and leads seminars on operational topics for the family of Pizza Expo tradeshows.