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2009 February: Simple Ideas

By Pizza Today

2009 February: Simple IdeasV is for Video

Did you know you can afford your very own television-style commercial? And it’s easy to do it yourself. All you have to do is shoot a video on your camcorder and upload to YouTube in less than 10 minutes without any fancy software. Then you can post that video on your Web site. This is an unbelievable free opportunity to show and tell your customers what makes you different. Your own TV commercial on your site. Okay, it won’t be as slick as a professional TV ad, but it’ll get the job done.

A Simple Solution

When added to a tomato-based sauce, garlic often exhibits a gelling affect and causes the sauce to thicken within a few hours. To get around this, simply put the garlic in a bowl of water and heat to a full boil. This will deactivate the enzymes in the garlic responsible for the thickening effect, and you can then add the “deactivated” garlic with minimal side effects.

Caped Crusaders

If you’re looking for a different type of sauce enhancer, consider capers. The type packed in brine is the best kind to use, but rinse them under cold water before adding them to a sauce. A little bit goes a long way, so use them with care. Capers are indispensable to a spicy red sauce, like a puttanesca sauce. Plus, they’ll help liven up a variety of pasta dishes.

Food Costs Killing You?

Is your bottom line being adversely affected by food costs? If so, Big Dave Ostrander has this to say: “After I realized that I was leaving tens of thousands of profit dollars unaccounted for, I studied and achieved the perfect food cost month in and month out. The biggest breakthroughs I discovered were:

? Placing in-line portion control scales on my make line

? Pre-weighing cheese cups

? Placing portion size cheat sheets at eye level with my cooks

? Having high accountability for achieving food cost on my managers’ shoulders. This meant rewards and penalties.” There you have it.

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