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2009 July: Simple Ideas

By Pizza Today

2009 July: Simple IdeasGrape Expectations

Many operators make the mistake of overpricing their wine list. When this happens, greater sales are sacrificed. The aim of most pizzerias that serve wine should be to keep prices in the range of $5 to $9 per glass. Only upscale Italian restaurants should deviate from this standard. As for pricing whole bottles, traditional theory holds that a threefold markup on all wines is acceptable. Take heed though: this method leads to too high a price on upper-end selections. Try a three-times markup on low end wines and a two-times markup on high-end varietals. This will keep costs manageable for the end user, but still provide you with a fair profit.

Pressing Issue

If your dough is shrinking on you after you form it, the solution could be simpler than you think. In fact, it may just need to relax. How? Let it ferment longer. Or you could even use a fl our with a lower protein content. Just be sure, if you press your dough, that its oil content is at least five percent of the fl our weight.

Seafood Secrets

Consider cooking or grilling seafood ahead and adding it as a topping after your pizza comes out of the oven. This helps control the doneness of the seafood, which can dry out thanks to the oven’s high heat.


Cream of the Crop

Believe it or not, heavy cream is a terrific pizza sauce enhancer. Swirl some of it into a tomato sauce just a few minutes before taking it off the heat. The cream will add a softness and richness to the sauce and will cut some of the tomato’s acidity.