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2009 May: Simple Ideas

By Pizza Today

2009 May: Simple IdeasA Pizza Fraternity

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Give it a

Lift If you use a deck oven, you might want to consider placing a screen underneath your pan when baking a deep-dish pizza. While the extra step may seem unnecessary at first, the screen works to lift the pan off the stone and reduces the possibility of you burning the bottom of your pizza. Remember, these deep-dish pies bake for a long time, often around 45 minutes.

Closing Time

While not an everyday occurrence (thankfully), late-night robberies are a restaurant-industry risk. Here are some steps you should be taking to keep your closing employees safe:

? Never have an employee close alone

? Use bright exterior lights

? Purchase an alarm system

? Utilize convex mirrors

? Arrange equipment and furniture in such a manner to prevent entrapment

? Use a drop safe

? Purchase video surveillance equipment

? Form a good relationship with local police.

Pest Prevention

Spring and summer means outdoor pests are looking to find a way in, and your protein supply (think fl our, more specifically) is a welcome mat for them. The following measures can help you overcome your battle with insects in and around your restaurant.

? Clean and sanitize food prep surfaces and floors

? Keep food in covered containers

? Clean stove and grill hoods and exhaust system

? Cover garbage receptacles and keep outdoor garbage receptacles away from the building

? Fix leaks in faucets and roofs

? Keep drains and gutters clean

? Use plastic bags for wet garbage

? Direct condensation from air conditioning away from the building

? Seal any cracks or openings near windows, doors, vents, pipes, etc.

? Inspect deliveries from suppliers

? Install air curtains on exterior doors

? Get rid of excess cardboard; don’t store supplies in cardboard shipping containers.