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2010 August: Did You Know?

By Pizza Today

2010 August: Did You Know?According to Technomic Information Services, 65 percent of consumers say they consider health and wellness issues when ordering pizza.

84.8 percent of Pizza Today subscribers are independent operators.

56 percent of dinner patrons and 30 percent of lunch patrons at table service restaurants with check averages over $25 order dessert, says the NRA.
There are 265 pizzerias in Montana.
The Copper Oven / Dante Pizzeria Napoletana / Patxi’s Chicago Pizza

The Copper Oven
6800 State Route 89 Ovid,
New York 14521
(607) 220-8794

Located at the Cayuga Ridge Estate Winery, newly opened The Copper Oven serves wood-fired pizzas featuring home- and locally produced ingredients. The menu is seasonal and ever-changing. One recent summer offering was 100-percent locally sourced and included carmelized onion, herb chevre and a drizzle of butternut squash seed oil. The restaurant also donates five percent of its profi ts to a locally based program that reduces the cost of fresh, locally grown produce for low income families in the region.

Dante Pizzeria Napoletana

168th & Center
16901 Wright Plaza
Omaha, Nebraska 68130
(402) 932-3078


This isn’t just a regular ol’ heartland pizzeria. Owner Nick Strawhecker is certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. That means Omaha residents are privy to pizza as it’s served in Naples. Still, there’s more than Neapolitan pizza here. Dante’s ever-evolving menu is a study in culinary perfection, from warm olives garnished with thyme and chili to the rustic chicken liver crostini and the sheep’s milk ricotta. It’s hard to ignore Dante’s classic Margherita pizza featuring homemade mozzarella!

Patxi’s Chicago Pizza
441 Emerson Street
Palo Alto, California 94301
(650) 473-9999


Customers of these Bay-area pizzerias might not be able to say the company’s name, but it’s hard to speak around a mouthful of the restaurants’ Chicago-style pizza. Co-owner Patxi Azpiroz got his start in the industry at San Francisco legend Zachary’s. From stunning antipasto platters to upscale toppings and craft beers, Patxi’s fits right into an area known for its industry diversity. We especially like the Californian, which features whole wheat crust, low fat mozzarella cheese, red onions, and fresh spinach. How appropriate!