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2010 December: Commentary

By Jeremy White

2010 December: CommentaryI can’t wait until the January issue gets in your hands next month. We have worked hard on a redesign, and I’m really proud of the new look. The changes are pretty intense, and I’m confident our new format and columns are going to help pizzeria owners more than ever.

While there are many changes that carry Pizza Today into the publishing future, one of the new sections I’m most excited about is decidedly retro: we’re bringing back a “Letters to the Editor” page. It’s been well over a decade since Pizza Today has published letters to the editor, and my crew thought it would be fun to revive that nod to magazine tradition while we move forward.

So tell me what’s on your mind (in 200 words or less). Something you love — or hate — about the magazine? Let me know. Did you really dig a recipe or article? Tell me why you loved it. Did you vehemently disagree with one of my commentaries or really think a particular article missed the mark? Let me know. Positive feedback encourages us. Negative feedback helps us improve. Getting a letter to me is easy.

The preferred and most efficient way is through e-mail. Just put “Letter to the Editor” in the subject line and e-mail me: jwhite@ pizzatoday.com. If e-mail is too old school for you, direct message me on Twitter. Pizza Today can be found at www.twitter.com/pizzatoday. Again, make it clear it’s a letter to the editor. You can also fi nd us on Facebook and send us a private message: www. facebook.com/pages/Pizza-Today/135784216462442. Not real computer savvy? No problem. Fax your letter to my attention at (502) 736-9501.

I won’t be able to publish every letter I get due to space requirements. But I look forward to publishing — and sometimes responding to — your comments each month in the magazine. Tear out this page and tuck it in a drawer next to your computer. When we inspire you or hit a nerve, make sure you tell me about it … in no more than 200 words.

WANNA GO FOR A RIDE? While we’re at it, I want to directly solicit your thoughts on a pizza industry event my publisher and I would like to make happen on an annual basis.

A few of us in the Pizza Today office are really into cycling. Since October is National Pizza Month as well as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I was thinking Pizza Today should organize a large group ride from one major city to the next. We could pair with an organization such as the American Cancer Society or the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and use the ride to raise money for the chosen charity. Pizzerias nationwide would be encouraged to make a donation (perhaps a percentage of sales on a given day?). Pizzerias along the route we cycle would be encouraged to join in by having their employees cycle along, accept donations from the public, etc. I know from past fundraising experience that the local chapter of the chosen charity will help any pizzeria that wants to be involved by providing marketing for the event. They’ll provide press releases and maybe even signage, flyers, etc. if warranted.

It would be a way the pizza industry could give back to society and make a difference on a meaningful level.

October isn’t the only month we could do this ride in the future. Breast cancer isn’t the only cause we could work to aid. These are my thoughts, but I’m open to suggestions. • What charity should we work to help?
• Where should we do the ride?
Portland to Seattle? Louisville to Chicago? Los Angeles to San Diego? Madison to Minneapolis? St. Louis to Kansas City? Tell me in your first letter to the editor.


Jeremy White, editor-in-chief