January 28, 2013 |

2010 February: Simple Ideas

By Pizza Today

Let Your Tables Do the Talking

Sure you can toss some salt and pepper shakers on the table, but let’s really get your customers talking. Create a signature sprinkle by blending herbs and Parmesan and fill shakers. Keep bottles of olive oil and cracked pepper on the tables. It adds an upscale air to your pizzeria and offers customization for your guests.

Kids’ Choice

Have a kids’ menu? It’s always wise to reprint the children’s offerings in the adult menu. Parents hate wrestling kids’ menus out of busy kids’ hands to decide on an entrée. Want to become kids’ favorite restaurant? Offer a kids’ night in which kids get to make a personal-sized pizza that is then baked and served to them. And take a page from the fast food chains by offering kids’ meal deals that include a drink, an entrée and a dessert for one fixed price. Kids love their own special dinner and parents love the value.

Lose the Laundry

If you’ve got the space, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t add a small washer/dryer to your establishment. Depending on the amount of linens you use, purchasing your own can pay off in as little as two months. Encourage staff to place all dirty towels and aprons into a basket at the end of their shift so they’re not laying around. Have a staff member toss them into the washer at the end of the night and another to throw them into the dryer the next morning during prep. The savings really adds up quickly by not outsourcing your linen laundry.

Zucchini Perfection

If you’re serving menu items made with zucchini, you have the potential for big sales. It’s a versatile vegetable that can be used as appetizers, edible garnish, on pizza and in many dishes. Here’s an easy appetizer to try: slice zucchini into thin strips and coat with fl our. Fry until crisp in EVOO. Lightly salt and top with a sprinkle of grated Parmesan. Serve with warm marinara. Appetizers don’t get any easier than this!