February 3, 2013 |

2010 June: Simple Ideas

By Pizza Today

Bring the Bubbly

It’s summer, and it’s hot! Cool down your wine menu by offering an affordable prosecco. This sparkling wine is all Italian and made from the grape that bears the same name. It is a dry sparkling wine, so you’re going to want to have flutes on hand to serve it. And, it needs to be served cold, so invest in a couple of good champagne buckets. Allow your staff to sample a few and menu one or two of the most loved.

Leave it at Home

We all know that sick workers should stay at home, but what about those who suffer from seasonal allergies? If you’ve got an employee who does, its best to keep him or her off the telephone bank. Customers seek upbeat, attentive personnel when ordering over the phone, not continuous sniffles and coughing. Keep them behind the scenes and put your best foot forward.

Make it Warm

Do you serve breadsticks? Cheese bread? You’re going to want to serve it with a flavorful marinara sauce on the side. But customers won’t appreciate these must-have appetizers if they’re accompanied by a boring plastic container of sauce straight out of the cooler. A quick zap of the microwave will make all the difference, and dress it up! Top the warm bowl of marinara with a sprinkle of grated Pecorino-Romano and serve.

Yeast Longevity

Pizzeria operators often purchase in bulk, when yeast is a live organism and has a limited shelf life. According to The Dough Doctor, Tom Lehmann, the shelf life for active dry yeast, if it is packaged in under MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) conditions, is typically considered to be six months. If it is packaged using vacuum packaging, the shelf life is considered to be one full year. Inactive dried yeast, on the other hand, will always be packaged in a vacuum pack, and it has a shelf life of one full year; however, independent tests have indicated that it might be good for as long as two years (all of this is assumed to be at room temperature storage).