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2010 March: Did You Know?

By Pizza Today

2010 March: Did You Know?More than 70 seminars highlight the educational component of International Pizza Expo 2010.
Pizza Today will name its 10th Pizza Chain of the Year in our June Issue

Papa Murphy’s has won 4 of our 9 Chain of the Year awards to date.
Florida has 3,498 pizzerias.
Sette: Fire Roasted Pizza / Pie Eyed Pizzeria / Fresh Brothers Pizza
Sette: Fire Roasted Pizza
7 N 23rd Street
Richmond, Virginia 23223
(804) 788-7077
www.settepizza.com Sette’s unassuming exterior makes way for an interior that is both industrial and warm at the same time. Here, you’ll find an open kitchen, an inviting patio and an eclectic menu designed to please, well, just about everyone. It might be the first time we’ve seen deviled eggs on a menu (six served with green parsley sauce for $3.95) and an all-mushroom pizza packed full of wild-picked porcini, shitake, morel and crimini mushrooms. We think that’s wild!

Pie•Eyed Pizzeria
1111 W. Chicago
Chicago, Illinois 60642
(312) CHEESE.5
www.pieeyedpizzeria.com This pizzeria is bent on global pizza domination, and with extended hours (open until 4 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays) and a diverse demographic, we think they just might be onto something. Even though the company is known for its late-night slices, don’t expect sub-par quality here –– homemade dough, real mozzarella and fresh ingredients are the hallmarks of this establishment. Here’s hoping the pizzeria’s display case is stuffed with buffalo chicken pizza the next time we’re in the Windy City!

Fresh Brothers Pizza
407 N. PCH
Redondo Beach, California 90277
(310) 374-5678
www.freshbrothers.com Owned by three Chicago brothers, these three pizzerias somehow manage to combine Midwestern charm with West Coast fl air. We especially love the family-style meals. The No. 2 –– an extra-large thin crust pizza with two toppings, plus 10 buffalo wings and a fresh salad — is priced at $29.95. Not only is it affordable, but it also solves the conundrum of what’s for dinner! We think the Farmer’s Market Salad is the perfect spring offering with its farmers’ fresh spring mix of broccoli, corn, carrots, celery, cucumber, green pepper, mushrooms, onions and peas blended with choice of spring mix or romaine.