February 7, 2013 |

2010 October: Did You Know?

By Pizza Today

2010 October: Did You Know?The Most popular pizza size in America is 14-inches in diameter
Domino’s Pizza is celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2010

Halloween October 31 is one of the pizza industry’s five biggest sales days of the entire year.
Hawaii has 166 pizzerias
Joseppi’s Pizza / Farinella Italian Bakery Pizza & Panini / Perfetto’s Pizzeria

Joseppi’s Pizza
3179 Sullivant Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43204
(614) 272-2724

This family-owned restaurant has been in business for more than 30 years, so it’s no wonder their Facebook fan page is filled with requests for the company’s signature pizzas far outside its delivery area (sorry, Tennessee, –– you’re a bit out of range!). Still, the menu goes beyond the pie. Among its specials is homemade lasagna served in-house as a single portion or for a family via carryout or delivery. We love the value of salad, lasagna and breadsticks sold as a meal!

Farinella Italian Bakery Pizza & Panini
90 Worth Street
New York, New York 10013
(212) 608-3222

Owner Alberto Polo Cretara certainly thinks outside the, er, box at NYC’s Farinella Italian Bakery. Here, you’ll find squares of pizza rather than the traditional oversized slice found at so many metro pizzerias. The company bakes its pizza palamstyle on four-foot wooden boards. A full palam feeds five to six hungry diners. Plus, you’ll find everything from traditonal Margherita to calzones featuring sautéed escarole, Gaeta black olives, Sicilian capers, garlic, and pinch of peperonico. Now that’s Italian!

Perfetto’s Pizzeria
9910 Linn Station
Louisville, Kentucky 40223
(502) 426-4644

Even though Louisville, Kentucky, is home to the venerable Papa John’s Pizza, it is also privy to a host of independent pizzerias, as well as the home offices of Pizza Today. Situated a small strip mall amidst office buildings and middleclass neighborhoods is Perfetto’s Pizzeria. Here, the pies are stretched thin, gooey and oily –– just the way New Yorkers like But Kentuckians? Yeah, they’re eating it up, too. Best of all Perfetto’s makes its own sauce. On top of all that, the pizza reasonably priced, making it great for daytime lunch diners gobbling up slices or families looking to share a pie or two.