April 1, 2011 |

2011 April: Five Questions

By Pizza Today

Family Pizzeria
Stafford, Virginia

Mike Cain has owned Family Pizzeria since 1985. He uses family recipes and the restaurant is firmly steeped in the local community.

Q: You offer a 28-inch pizza. What logistics are involved in producing such a size?

A: We had to cut a notch in our kitchen doorway to get the pies out for dine-in orders. We also buy custom-made boxes to sell them for take-out. On our busiest nights we can only cook two at a time, making for a longer wait time.

Q: Family Pizzeria is very involved in the local community. What do you do to help out and stay top-of-mind for local residents?

A: My late wife, Traci, always said, “don’t be in the community. Be a part of it.” We make donations like coupons, t-shirts, cash and food to support many local events. We are currently working on a mobile pizza unit for more hands-on support to law enforcement, fire and rescue, military and more local functions.

Q: Your Steakosaurus challenge gets folks to try out a monster of a sandwich for a chance to win prizes. What was the impetus behind offering the challenge?

A: My daughter thought since we offered a 28-inch pizza, why not make it
a challenge? It took off so well she thought a steak challenge would
have equal success. Now coming soon will be our famous suicide wing
challenge. We dare you!

Q: You offer some plated dinner specials, such as prime rib and Alaskan snow crab, when available. Why not just stick to pizza?

A: Being an independent owner, I am not restrained by corporate regulations. I’ve enjoyed working in restaurants all my life and my customers know I listen. We have a large following, and their feedback has encouraged me to offer a variety of dishes. We like to satisfy all their hunger needs.

Q: You offer a $10 pizza special on Tuesday and Wednesday. What other specials work well for you?

A: Besides our mentioned plated specials we also offer daily lunch specials. Our $10 pizza special is also offered on any open day if you buy five or more pies at one time. We will also sell some menu items in bulk to suit our customers’ needs upon request.