July 30, 2012 |

2012 August: Did You Know

By Pizza Today

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Some projections
state that the pizza industry will grow to $42.8 billion in sales by the end of 2012.

With new construction, ADA compliance accounts for less than 2 percent of the total cost of a project, on average.

Slice of Hope 2012 takes place
Friday, October 12.

100 percent of the money raised will go to the Karen Mullen Breast Cancer Foundation

/// Places That Rock // Klausie’s Pizza Truck / Damgoode Pies / The Roman Candle Pizzeria

Klausie’s Pizza Truck
Raleigh, North Carolina 27607
(919) 880-1087

Klausie’s Pizza Truck brings a change of pace to the pizza offerings in the Research Triangle in North Carolina: Detroit-style pizza. With more than 1,800 followers, owner Michael Stenke posts the truck’s lunch location each day on Facebook, as well as on Klausie’s Web site. In his compact 1977 refurbished food truck kitchen, Klausie’s turns out 11 pie options offered by the slice ($3.50-$5), in addition to whole medium ($22-$28) and large ($27-$32) pizzas. The menu features pizzas like the Hypocrispy with diced green pepper, red onion, mushrooms and bacon; the Fire Belly with pineapple puree, ham, hot Thai chili butter, sweet red onion and fresh basil; and the Popeye-opolis with spinach, feta, tomato and minced garlic. The truck also specializes in Loaded Breads, a cheesy bread piled with a variety of toppings like the Spin-Art with spinach, artichoke hearts, garlic, tomato and a Balsamic reduction and the Sassy with diced tomatoes, pepperoncini, garlic, sweet red onion and Italian dressing ($6.50).

2701 Kavanaugh Blvd.
Little Rock, Arkansas 72205
(501) 664-2239

Variety is the spice of life at this four-location pizzeria in Arkansas. Damngoode Pies offers slices, 6-inch, 10-inch and 14-inch options for its hand-tossed, thin or Stuffy pizzas with more than 40 toppings and nine sauce options. The Underdog is topped with ground beef, red and yellow peppers, onions, black olives, cheddar and Pink Sauce, a blend of a traditional red pizza sauce and a spicy white sauce (14-inch for $20.95 —make it a Stuffy for $6 more). There is also the Margie with Parmesan, olive oil, roasted garlic, basil and tomatoes (14-inch for $18.95 —a Stuffy is $6 more). The menu also features Sammies — turkey, ham, chicken, supersub, veggie or meatball — covered with mozzarella and toasted on sourdough, Foccacia or Ciabatta bread with Romaine, tomatoes, onion, mayo and mustard. To drive a mid-day crowd, Damngoode Pies offers a half price slices and cookie special after 2 p.m. until they run out.

The Roman Candle Pizzeria
1054 Williamson St.
Madison, Wisconsin 53703
(608) 258-2000

The Roman Candle Pizzeria has found a prime spot to market to kids. Its café version, The Roman Candle Sparkler, has cozied up in the concourse of the Madison Children’s Museum for its fourth location, serving up a limited, kid-friendly menu of pizza, pasta, salads, sacks and grab-n-go items. Other locations serve a full menu, including the addition of wine, beer and ice cream. The pizzeria features more than 50 local and Wisconsin ingredients like bacon, grass-fed beef, artisanal pepperoni, meatballs and Canadian bacon. Specialty pizzas include The Professional with a pesto-Alfredo sauce, feta, broccoli, bacon, green pepper, oven roasted chicken breast and jalapeno ($18.99 for a 14-inch) and Pestoral with pesto sauce, spring greens, basil, feta, mozzarella, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, Kalamata olives and tomato slices ($18.49 for a 14-inch).