February 1, 2012 |

2012 February: Did You Know / Places That Rock

By Pizza Today

Texas has 3,261 pizzerias

Chicago-style deep-dish pizza was introduced in 1941.

The world’s first pizzeria, Port’Alba, opened in Naples, Italy in 1830.

Next month, more than 6,000 pizzeria owners and managers will attend International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, March 13-15

Ray’s Pizzeria & Ice Cream Shoppe // Mattioli Pizzeria // Family Pizzeria

Ray’s Pizzeria & Ice Cream Shoppe
5140 Sunset Blvd.
Lexington, South Carolina 29072
(803) 951-0051


This southern pizzeria marries New York-style pizza with a great American dessert, ice cream. Customer favorites are the Chicken Parmigiana at $14.99 for a 12-inch or the Pizza Capri with broccoli, sliced tomatoes, onion and zucchini at $14.99 for a 12-inch. All of Ray’s specialty pies are also available on a Sicilian style crust. The ice cream sundaes come in epic portions. The Mount Everest has eight scoops of ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and sprinkles for $12.99. If that’s not big enough, there is the Foot “Bowl” Super Sundae with 16 scoops of ice cream (more than 16 flavors to choose from) with all of the fixings for $29.99. Kudos for packaging a kids meal that includes a slice of pizza, small drink and a scoop of ice cream for $5.49. Fans of Ray’s can also shop its online store for garlic knots, zeppoles, biscotti, pizza dough and marinara sauce.
Mattioli Pizzeria
3381 NW Bucklin Hill Rd.
Silverdale, Washington 98383
(360) 307-8646


Mattioli puts a twist on the traditional meatball appetizer by wrapping its meatballs in dough, baking them and serving with pizza sauce ($6 for six). The pizzeria that sits mere blocks from the Puget Sound breaks out its menu into Italian-style pizza and American-style, as well as pies that use its raw tomato sauce and other sauces like ranch, Alfredo, BBQ and pesto. On the Italian side, there is the Quattro Stagione with rosemary ham or Italian sausage, mushrooms, yellow onions, roasted red peppers and raw tomato sauce at $13 for a 12-inch. On the American side, the Chicken Bacon Ranch features ranch sauce, grilled chicken, bacon, diced tomatoes, red onions and cheddar cheese at $15 for a 12­inch. Mattioli also serves up a light 16-inch ultrathin crust pizza with up to two toppings for $15.
Family Pizzeria
1924 Jeff Davis Hwy.
Stafford, Virginia
(540) 288-3277


What goes great with pizza? Hot wings –– and Family Pizzeria touts having the hottest wings in the area. Its Suicide Wings (13 wings for $8.99) are so hot, in fact, customers must sign a release form to eat them. Two other promo menu items dare the adventurers into the shop. The 28-inch Pizza Challenge entices two people to finish a 28-inch, two topping pizza in less than an hour to win challenge T-shirts, a free meal and $40. Think of the movie “The Great Outdoors” for its next contest. Steakosaurus Challenge entrants have 45 minutes to eat a six-and-a-half­pound Steakosaurus sub with five vegetable toppings. Winners get a T-shirt, a free meal, $20 and bragging rights. All of Family’s pies are available in the 28-inch size. But you won’t find any specialty pizza offerings as its menu lists toppings and allows customers to pick their fancy.