January 31, 2013 |

My Turn: Estella Ferrara, Oggi’s Pizza & Brewing Co. San Diego, CA

By Pizza Today

By Estella Ferrara V.P. Oggi’s Pizza & Brewing Co. San Diego, California

Oggi’s Pizza & Brewing Co. is a unique, popular, casual-dining franchise that integrates the American passion for sports, proprietary award-winning micro-brewed beers and a varied menu that satiates with delicious food.

Twenty-one years ago, two brothers were working in the high-tech industry where their livelihoods were controlled by others. They dreamed of opening their own business, to manage their own destinies and build a future for their families. And so, Oggi’s was borne. The first restaurant opened in Del Mar, San Diego, in 1991.

After five years of operating an extremely successful restaurant and developing the Oggi’s brand into what it is today, the brothers were approached by numerous people to franchise the concept. Franchising since 1995, Oggi’s has grown throughout the years by word of mouth alone.

For the last 10 years, Oggi’s has built a well-known regional name and customer following by co-branding with local sports teams, including the San Diego Chargers, San Diego Padres, Anaheim Ducks, Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, and the Phoenix Coyotes. This strategy continues today in current markets, and will be expanded as Oggi’s enters new strategic markets.

In ongoing efforts to maintain our competitive edge and sustain our successful growth objectives, Oggi’s continues to evolve and enhance its customer experience through a new restaurant model that will improve cost efficiencies. It is important that we evolve our concept as our customer evolves. We are now launching the next generation of Oggi’s — a contemporary restaurant model inside and out that will focus on our core competencies of sports, beer and pizza.

To compliment our new Oggi’s restaurant design, we will be launching a new logo in 2013 that replaces our branding tag “Pizza & Brewing Co.” with “Sports, Brewhouse, Pizza”.

If you have been to an Oggi’s before, you will know that we are a family friendly restaurant, which is probably what makes us so unique, coupled with our other core competencies of sports, beer and pizza. Our restaurants have TVs placed all throughout the bar and restaurant dining area and are focused on the latest sporting events. In our new design we have expanded the bar area and placed an even bigger emphasis on Oggi’s beers and guest beers, making us a true Brewhouse. While our core design requirements will always have our restaurant remain family friendly because of our emphasis on pizza, we have created a truly unique integration of a relevant and exciting sports theme that does not cross over into the family space. Our experience has allowed us to create this new dual functioning food and bar opportunity, while serving all categories of our customer base in an environment that is unmatched in restaurant designs today.

As listed in our current FDD, our Item 19 reports our average store revenue is $2.1 million. With the enhancements to the new Oggi’s Sports, Brewhouse, Pizza restaurant and core product attributes, there is the opportunity to increase our customer base and sales volume, while decreasing store opening costs. All new Oggi’s franchised locations in 2013 and on will be built utilizing the new brand standards.

As we see the economy improving we have turned our attention to grow the franchise throughout California, Arizona and neighboring states. We are currently looking for area developers to expand into new markets and multi-unit operators all throughout our underdeveloped markets. It’s an exciting time at Oggi’s and we wanted to tell everyone all about it!