July 11, 2012 |

2012 August: Passion For Pizza

By Pizza Today

Watch this video of Paulie Gee’s in Brooklyn, New York and feel that fire for the pizzeria industry stir inside:

It’s Never Too Late to Make Pizza: Paulie Gee’s from SkeeterNYC on Vimeo.

This is an example of how video can tell a pizzeria’s story. Take time to tell your story. Show your unique personality. Reveal the person behind the craft.

The Paulie Gee video was produced professionally. If you are looking to DIY a video, consider the following:

• Video equipment is attainable (local camera shops rent out cameras and lighting, or depending on your audience an iPhone or FlipCam could even be used)

• Enlist a tech-savvy young employee to help (These days, your average high school and college students know how cut video)

• Always provide adequate lighting (Never shoot video at night)

• Never use windows as a background

• If you are not in a quiet spot, use a microphone

Show us your videos. Embed or link a video in the comments section below.


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