June 29, 2012 |

2012 August: Pizza for a Cause

By Pizza Today

There are reasons why you see so many pizzerias getting behind causes in their area.

The short list includes:

• Building a sense of community

• Giving back

• Getting your pizza/name out

• Developing a common bond with customers

There are pizzerias that spend their entire marketing budgets in this area because they are neighborhood or community driven.

It’s not enough to rally for a cause, explore ways you can get more involved through:
• Sponsorships

• Food donations

• Cross-promotions

• Trade opportunities

• In-store advertising

• Communications strategies

• Attracting traditional/digital media attention

Pizzerias across the country have found interesting ways to contribute to causes. A great example is Pizza Today’s Slice of Hope. Every pizzeria did something a little different to support the Karen Mullens Breast Cancer Foundation, from creating special pizzas and designing and selling shirts/merchandise specific to developing a day-long festival environment in their shop. Check out what Farrelli’s Pizzeria in Tacoma, WA, created:

Video spot

Recently, several pizzerias have garnered media attention for their causes. They include:

Buddy’s Pizza in Detroit, MI, received extensive coverage on Tell Us Detroit Blog for its program to support the Great Lakes region’s environmental efforts. The pizzeria created five Great Lakes-themed pizzas, donating a $1 for each pizza sold to the Alliance for the Great Lakes. To read the article click here.

Monical’s Pizza in Canton, IL teamed up with the Alzheimer’s Association to host a “Community Day” fundraiser with 20 percent of each check for the day donated to the cause. To read the article click here.

Question: How do you get behind a cause?