December 1, 2013 |

December 2013: Social Media

By Pizza Today

twitter-bird-white-on-bluePizza Tweets

Pizza Shuttle
Grab this YUMMY DEAL! Lg 3-topp pizza & 2 chocolatechip cookies $12 Mon 10/14-Thur 10/17 Dine-in, Pick-up, Delivery

Why it works: This Tweet got in a lot of info in a short amount of characters. Pizza Shuttle put together an attractive package and the link led to a giant photograph of its cookies. Adding the dates the promotion was good through gives the promotion a sense of urgency.

Pete’s New Haven
Hey DC K-12 schools: 25% off weekdays from 3-5PM at our Columbia Heights store. Students, staff & faculty, with ID.

Why it works: Pizzerias are quick to host proceeds nights for schools, but this Tweet got people in the door during a typically slow time for restaurants. Twenty-five percent is a sizable discount and encourages diners to consider pizza on days other than the weekends.

facebook social media logoFacebook Pizza Feeds

Borriello Brothers Real New York Pizza
Want to win FREE pizza, wings and soda? Here’s your chance! Be the first person to accurately predict (or come closest to) the total number of points scored by BOTH teams in today’s Broncos vs Jaguars game! The winner will receive one 18” hand tossed two topping Pizza, an order of Wings and a 2 Liter FREE! To qualify, you must have your guess in before kick-off. Hut, hut, HIKE!

Why it works: Borriello Brothers’ generated more than 150 comments as folks tried to score on this promotion. It didn’t cost the company much to produce, but got a lot of attention. Making this a regular promotion will get customers to return to your Facebook page repeatedly.

Harpo’s Pizza
Our Lunch Time Happy Hour deal gives you 25% discount on a 2nd pizza when you buy 1 at the regular price. Available every week day from 11am to 3pm.
Call 486 9000 for office/home delivery.

Why it works: Few tools speak to customers as well as a photo. Harpo’s picture of a pizza and cocktail was eye-catching, and when combined with their specials, timeframe and phone number created the perfect Facebook post.