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Pizzeria Social Media Marketing

By Pizza Today

By Pizza Today StaffPhotos by Art Department

By Pizza Today Staff
Photos by Art Department

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Pizza Tweets



Just a few days left to submit your ‘OTTO Rocks!’ record album mash-up! Win $100 in pizza (and much more)! http://ow.ly/m0n2I

Why it works: This edgy New England pizzeria has made a name for itself by reusing the covers of rock albums that have been altered in Otto’s image. They encouraged fans to get in on the fun by submitting their own. The online gallery includes pizza-flavored redos of The Beatles “Abbey Road” and Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon.” Not only was it a clever promotion, but it also reinforced the company’s brand.

Pagliacci Pizza


Our recipe contest ends in a few days! The winner gets…wait for it…free #pizza every week for a YEAR! Enter here: http://ow.ly/lVIQM

Why it works: Here’s another promotion that gets customers involved. Everyone wants the chance to see their recipe on a pizzeria’s menu –– and the chance to win free pizza for a year. The tweet included a link to the company’s entry page. It’s a winning combination for both the restaurant and its customers.

This month on PizzaToday.com

Pizzeria Social Media Marketing
Call for Entries

Pizza Today Recipe Challenge for National Pizza Month. Got an interesting recipe you’d like to see in the pages of Pizza Today? We want to know! To submit, send your full recipes (including prep and steps for any additional toppings like your caramelized onions or sun-dried tomato pesto) to Mandy Detwiler at mdetwiler@pizzatoday.com. We’ll choose the best of the best to publish in the October issue!

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Facebook Pizza Feeds

Hungry Howie’s Pizza

Hashtags on Facebook? “Like” if you like it, comment with your don’ts! #WeHeartFlavor #Hashtag #HashtaggingHashtag

Why it works: Take a page from the news and generate traffic with a debatable post. This one created a lot of interest as Hungry Howie’s fans debated the news that hashtags would be added to Facebook.

Chicago Pizza

Thursday lunch special is a Meatball Parm Sandwich with side 6.99..and you know we have many more lunch deals for 5.99! TONIGHT—Trivia..bring your team or just your beautiful mind and win some prizes, have some fun.

Why it works: It’s hot, so driving folks inside with the promise of prizes and fun makes your theme night all the more successful. This post also included lunch specials. Repeating this post twice a day would have the maximum effect –– just before lunch and early afternoon. Just don’t over-saturate!