September 1, 2018 |

Conversation: Hamilton Lewis, 2 Guys Pies, CA

By Denise Greer

hamilton lewis, 2 guys pies, yucca valley, california,

Hamilton Lewis co-owns 2 Guys Pizza with James Breier, who came on board a year after the pizzeria opened in 2015.


2 Guys Pies

Yucca Valley, California

Here at 2 Guys Pies we live by a plan, the P.I.E. Plan. We have “P”assion for the job we perform, “I”ntegrity to do the job to our full potential and we bring “E”nthusiasm with us every single day. By instilling this plan in our team from day one of the interview process, we have been able to create a unique culture that is seen by every guest that walks through the door looking for a delicious ‘za. 2GP is located at the doorstep of Joshua Tree National Park and is isolated from most major cities. It is crucial for a small business in this area to gain the community’s acceptance to be successful.

Our culture is what separates us from the competition and has catapulted our dreams into reality. One of the creative ways we have grown our brand that shows the traits from the P.I.E. plan is the development of our storybook PIE GUY I – The Zaadessy, to premier at this year’s Palm Springs Comic Con. It’s a great feeling when your whole team understands what you stand for as a company. We encourage our team to get involved in the community as much as they can. We are the community and understand the importance of continually working to make it stronger. We are very fortunate to be in a position that can really make a difference for generations to come. That’s why we took our passion to the next level and created the Too Sweet Foundation (

As a small local business, we count on the millions of visitors that come to the National Parks every year.
The Too Sweet Foundation was created by me and the other Guy, James Breier. We believe the National Parks and protected lands are too beautiful and too critical to maintaining the expanse eco-system that the people and wildlife call home. If funding continues to be cut to our National Parks, we would see a rapid decline in business for everyone in our town. It is also our job and our duty as the keepers or our nurturing planet to do everything within our power and means to preserve the parks so that generations of the future may enjoy them as much as we have.

As business owners and National Park enthusiasts, we have come up with our way to pitch in and make a difference the way we know we can. Our first campaign, Desserts for the Parks, donates 10 percent of all of our dessert sales from 2GP as well as our sister store, Mojave Moon Café in 29 Palms, California, to the foundation. Why desserts? ‘Cause they are just Too Sweet! We are currently partnered with the Mojave Desert Land Trust with future plans to partner up with Joshua Tree National Park Association for our next campaign: Arts for the Parks. It’s a fun job to be a part of such a great community.