December 1, 2017 |

Destinations: Lukes, SC; Square, CA; Handsome, OR

By Denise Greer

Each month, we showcase three pizzerias around the U.S. to find out what makes them unique and menu items that their fans go crazy for.


Luke’s Craft Pizza | Charleston, South Carolina


Husband and wife team Luke and Brittany Davis opened carryout-only pizza shop Luke’s in February 2016. Brittany says: “Our concept is simple — less is more. That applies to our menu, our restaurant size (450 square feet!), and even our staff. In fact, Luke is the only one in the kitchen — from food prepping and ordering, to washing dishes and folding pizza boxes, he does it all. Our dough is mixed by hand using a no-knead method and left to rise for 24 hours.” Customers crave the spicy honey, a local honey infused with cayenne pepper. Since featuring it on a special pizza with a creamy ricotta base, fresh mozzarella, Asiago and speck last year, spicy honey has been added to its regular menu.


Handsome Pizza | Portland, Oregon

The Portland pizza spot hit Pizza Today’s radar for its pop-up program that partners with other food establishment that take over Handsome’s kitchen to offer uniquely paired meal events. On mornings, the pizzeria also doubles as Seastar Bakery with a menu of sweet and savory baked goods and “advanced toasts” — like the Grateful Wheel with an oven-fried egg, cheddar, hot pepper mustard and farm greens on an English muffin. Handsome’s pizza menu is also catching attention with pies like The Rico Suave with ricotta, mozz, garlic, oregano and cracked pepper.


Square Pizza Co. | San Diego, California


The Pacific Beach shop is a newcomer to the San Diego pizza slice scene. Brand Coordinator Giovana Lippi says: “Since December 2016, Square Pizza Co. has been dividing customer opinions between Newburyport Beach pizza style with sweet and savory sauce on a thin crispy crust pizza that melts in your mouth and Pontiac Detroit Red Top Style — a fluffy and thick-crust pizza with caramelized cheese borders and organic tomato sauce on top.”