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Interact — August 2014

By Pizza Today

Indy of the year Instagram takeover

Pizzeria Lola Photo Booth Josh Jeremy

Stop by @pizzatoday on Instagram to see some exclusive pics of Jeremy and Josh’s visit to the 2014 Indy of the Year, Pizzeria Lola in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Slice Cover June 2014June Cover Featured on popular design site

The June cover of Pizza Today has caught the attention of the magazine design world. The cover was featured on, a site dedicated to front-cover creativity from magazines all over the world.





PT guest editor logoComing in September

Brian Weavel, owner of Anna’s Pizza & Pasta in Winnageo, Illinois takes over Pizza Today.



Social Media August Poll

What type of liquor license does your restaurant have?

A: Beer & wine only 36%
B: Full bar license 32%
C: BYOB: 0%
D: None — I don’t have one  24%
E: None — I’m in a dry area  8%


Pizzeria Tweets and Status Updates

Facebook1Dante Pizzeria

Mozzarella is a little yellowish and will be through the summer because we use ultra fresh Branched Oak Farm – Organic Dairy and Cheese mozzarella and the cattle are eating green grass caused by the chlorophyll. When the cattle go back to hay it will be more of a creamy color –– a little science for you from your friends at Dante!

Why it works: Wow, what a great post! Here, Dante lets its customers know why its pizza might look a little different from the norm, but at the same time emphasizing the freshness and localness of its product. Perfect!


Twitter1Anthony’s Coal Fired

Pompano-@funkybuddhabrew & Anthony’s are hosting a #CraftBeer dinner tasting, 6/23. Interested? RT this tweet- Winner chosen at random at 5.

Why it works: Here’s another great partnership. Not only do beer and pizza make a great team, but a pizzeria and a local brewery pairing up is solid gold. Giving away a visit is a great way to get retweets, and since most people don’t dine alone, they’re sure to bring a paying friend or two.