May 1, 2014 |

Interact — May 2014

By Pizza Today

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Inbox: What a show!

On behalf of everyone here at Farrelli’s Pizza, I wanted to take a second to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Pizza Today Expo team for making this year’s show the best one yet, especially for our crew! We had such an amazing year and you folks did a fantastic job of providing that experience for our team. We already can’t wait for next year’s show!

Most Sincerely,

Clayton Krueger
Director of Marketing, Communications & Beer
Farrelli’s Wood Fire Pizza
Tacoma, Washington

Thank YOU, Clayton. Farrelli’s had what was without question the most fun group at the show. We loved the enthusiasm and energy Farrelli’s Pizza brought to Expo. People like you are what keep the show going strong!

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What’s the price of your large 1-topping pizza?

$5 or less  — 3%

$6 – $10 — 14%

$11-$15 — 56%

$16-$20 — 23%

$21+ — 4%

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Make your Thursday feel like weekend, grab 1 flavored beer to get 1 for free only at Pizza e Birra’s HAPPY HOUR today!

Why it works: As many folks wind down their work week, they’re probably already making plans for Friday night. Pizza e Birra encouraged them to think about dining out a day earlier with a BOGO drink special that also highlighted the company’s happy hour. Since many people enjoy an appetizer — or better yet, an entrée — with their drink, the check total is sure to be greater than the price of that free beer. Great job!

Facebook1Pizzeria Aroma

Bland FOOTLONG Sub with processed meats, bagged veggies, and chemically enhanced bread with chips and soda for 8 $.. or Eggplant Parmigiana over imported pasta with housemade marinara, Turano Bakery GARLIC BREAD & a 7-Ingredient SIDE SALAD for 7.29?? It is an easy choice even for Jared.

Why it works: Pizzeria Aroma offered a description of its delicious combo offering, using
important buzzwords like “imported” and “housemade.” That sets them apart from their competition and makes the mouth water. This post also highlighted the value over another “bland” offering from another restaurant. The sharp contrasts make this post effective.