Front Of The House

February 1, 2018

Family Friendly

Ways to keep kids engaged, happy and entertained while they wait Patience is not a strong virtue in children. Eventually, they will acquire it, but until then, if you want your youngest customers to hold it together while they wait for their pizzas to arrive and ensure that their parents will patronize your establishment again… Read More

January 1, 2018

Renovation: On the Move

How ready is your restaurant for a renovation? Rebuilding a restaurant from the ground up is an unusual situation. Just ask Joey Bramwell, COO of DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks Systems, Inc., who says his company had to do just that when one of their north Houston locations was destroyed by Hurricane Harvey. Fortunately, controlled renovations are more… Read More

upholstery, cleaning, care, restaurant

December 1, 2017

Judge a Booth by its Cover

Upholstery care takes little time and mild cleaners Duct tape can fix many things, but it should not be used to repair torn upholstery. The low-budget patch is unsightly and it’s only a temporary fix. That’s one reason why operators need to take good care of the materials that cover their seats and booths. By… Read More

November 1, 2017

Signage: Across the Board

Menu boards can do more than list today’s specials Menu boards let customers know which pizza toppings are available, what today’s specials are and even what kind of establishment the eatery is. Pizza operators say they choose signage that matches the décor and the branding of the restaurant, is easy to use and fits their… Read More

October 1, 2017

Do you need a front-of-house manager?

(And if so, how do you bring just the right one on board?) When asked what he’d do without his front-of-the-house manager Stacie Horton, Rick Drury doesn’t hesitate to shake his head. For the last seven years, Horton has been Drury’s dining room lynchpin at Precinct Pizza, his 11-year-old, Tampa-based eatery that does more than… Read More

exposed ceilings, mozza pi, interior

September 1, 2017

In the Heights

Exposed ceilings soar in popularity amongst restaurant designers Industrial duct work, wooden beams or a mixture of both reveal a look that is both modern and somehow a nod to the past. Restaurants that sport an exposed ceiling are on trend with design and present their customers with a space that is open, striking and… Read More

local soda fountain machine

August 1, 2017

The Moneymaking Matter of Soda Machine Maintenance

Regular upkeep is a necessity — find out why Tucked along Farwell Avenue on Milwaukee’s Lower East Side sits a Brew City culinary landmark: Pizza Shuttle. For the last 32 years, Mark Gold and his team have been dishing out award-winning pizzas, hundreds of customers each day piling into an action-packed dining room that features… Read More

July 1, 2017

Dining-area Dangers

Take charge of guest safety Ask any pizzeria owner and he or she will insist that keeping diners safe in the front of the house is a top priority. But sadly, taking serious, preemptive steps to prevent dining-area guest injuries sometimes doesn’t happen until after an injury occurs. One pizzeria expert paid close scrutiny to… Read More

dining room, acoustics, sound controls

June 1, 2017

Sound It Out

Take charge of noise control All noise generating from within a pizzeria isn’t necessarily a bad thing –– until it becomes too loud and happens too often. Controlling unwanted noise can be achieved through smart restaurant design, installing noise buffers and ensuring the restaurant staff is aware of, and adheres to, noise control standard operating… Read More

Pizza press, dining area, concrete floors

May 1, 2017

Flooring: Games Afoot

Flooring should be durable, comfortable for guests and employees There’s no question that restaurant flooring takes a beating. Most operators do not require their patrons to remove their shoes before they enter, so dirt, water, snow and muck get tracked in and tracked throughout the restaurant each and every day. Add the mess that guests… Read More

Restaurant Customer Service is Critical for Success

When a customer first walks through you door, they make a quick assessment of their surroundings, including your floor plan and restaurant design. After that, it’s up to your employees to get them to come back. Many customers admit poor service will keep them from returning to a restaurant despite enjoying its food. Staff training and management are critical for success. Front-of-the-house employees should look –– and act –– the important part of host in a dining room, and proper training is the key to making that happen.

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Restaurant Design and Floor Plans Set the Tone of Your Business

How well does your restaurant design fit with your concept? Not only does décor play a part in creating your brand but also the type of service you offer. Dine-in, counter service, delivery and carryout can all play a part in creating customers’ opinions of a restaurant’s business. If a restaurateur is ready for a rebranding, renovation and remodeling floor plans may create fresh eye appeal and breathe new life into an ailing concept.

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