September 12, 2012 |

Customer Look for Freebies

By Jeffrey Freehof

How do you get rid of a customer who constantly complains and is always trying to get free food from you?

It’s a tricky and funny thing. Obviously, if we really keep making mistakes, we really do want to replace someone’s food, along with a huge apology. Without a doubt, there is a small percentage of people out there who practically make a living at scamming businesses out of free stuff – even pizza. I train my staff that if we think someone might be scamming us, I would rather that they get away with it once or twice. Once they’ve made it clear that they are scam artists, constantly complaining, I tactfully speak with them or write them a letter. The letter would state our passion for getting it right the first time, and say that since we can never make them happy, we will respect their decision to start dining somewhere else. I then state that if they continue to dine with us, that we will no longer be able to replace food that they are not happy with.