September 20, 2012 |

Location Selection

By Jeffrey Freehof

I’m looking at two locations. One is 3,000 square feet and centrally located in a busy shopping plaza. Rent is high and it will cost a lot of money to renovate. Parking is a bit of a problem in this busy plaza. The second location is across the street from a shopping plaza and is not as busy, but rent is cheaper. It’s 5,600 square feet, has 65 parking spots and would be cheaper to renovate because it is more turnkey. Which location is better?

I think the larger space may be a better choice. If the busier center doesn’t have ample parking customers not finding a space may dine elsewhere. If the large space is not well insulated, you may end up spending more in heating and air conditioning. The larger space across the street must have excellent visibility and easy access. Make sure your signage is excellent, as well as your concept and product. Take advantage of the space by breaking it up in sections. Create a comfortable and inviting sitting area, as well as a couple of meeting rooms for different organizations that meet regularly.


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