September 12, 2012 |

Server Approach to Children

By Pizza Today

Your servers may hate it when a table comes in with four kids in tow — but big families mean big money, both for the restaurant and the server. A waiter who knows how to work the kids is a waiter who goes home with a bigger tip from mom and dad. Paul Paz of WaitersWorld, Inc., offers these tips:

• Don’t be condescending. Remain calm in your interactions with children and treat them with honest, respect and interest.
• Speak directly to the child, not to the parents. Ask them their name, then use it when you reference them.
• Bend down to their level and look them in the eye so as to be less threatening.
• Offer to have the children’s meal prepared as soon as possible, before the adults get their food. This will keep the kids busy.
• Bring the parents moist wipes to clean their children’s faces and hands after they eat.
• If a parent is reprimanding a child, stay out of the way.
• Offer items like coloring books and crayons to keep kids busy.