June 14, 2017 |

Dressings: From scratch

By Denise Greer

Salad, dressing, honey, lemonIt’s summer — peak time for salad sales. Here are some simple dressing ideas to inspire you to make them from scratch:

  • Ranch dressing is easy enough. Odds are that you have everything you need to make a ranch dressing in your shop. Check out this large-quantity ranch dressing recipe.
  • How about a simple Italian dressing? Here’s an Italian dressing recipe that features five accessible ingredients. Want to give it a kick? Add red pepper flakes.
  • This Bleu Cheese dressing recipe has only four ingredients. Add cream cheese and garlic to give Bleu Cheese dressing a little something extra.
  • A great Caesar dressing can quickly become a customer favorite. Give this Caesar dressing recipe a try.
  • A good Balsamic Vinaigrette can be a versatile addition. Here’s a great four-ingredient recipe.

Want to go beyond the norm, use the above dressings as a base and start experimenting to created your own custom dressings.  Or try these out-of-the-ordinary dressings:

What dressings do you make in house?