September 20, 2012 |

Meal Portion Sizes

By Jeffrey Freehof

How do you determine portion sizes? How much difference should there bebetween lunch and dinner portions?

Well, first you need to determine what food cost percentage you want to run. Then you’ve got to cost out your raw product by the ounce. Make sure you include the cost of everything that comes with it such as complimentary garnishes. You can figure at the price point you want to sell each entrée at, and then determine the portion size according to the food cost percent you are striving for. Another option is to determine the portion size first, then cost that out, and now you can come up with your entrée selling point. Many restaurant have the same portion size for both meal periods. If you feel you have the type of business that you need a separate lunch menu that is less expensive menu, then of coarse follow the same rule of thumb.