October 8, 2012 |

DIY Email Marketing

By Pizza Today

E-mail advertising can be a quick, inexpensive and simple “do-it-yourself” option for pizza operators. However, before you implement an e-mail advertising campaign, you should follow this checklist, which freelance writer Lin Grensing-Pophal compiled using tips from Troy Flint of Vertical Response, a self-service direct marketing firm:
• Make sure you’ve been granted permission to e-mail your recipients through
an opt-in process online or explicit permission offline.
• Make sure your subject line reflects the content of your e-mail.
• Mix up your e-mail with images and text.
• Provide a valid postal address in each e-mail message and an easy way for
your recipients to contact you.
• Test, test, test. Segment your list and try mailing different offers, or use different subject lines on different days of the week to determine when you will get the best response.
• Avoid suspect rented lists.
• Avoid overuse of punctuation (such as multiple exclamation points) and capitalization (words in all-caps), as this can result in your messages being blocked.
• Avoid sending attachments (which could be blocked, and most likely would be deleted and never opened by the target customer anyway).