October 30, 2012 |

Fryer Cleaning

By Pizza Today

To adequately clean your fryer, follow these tips:

• Empty the fryer through auto filtration or by opening the valve and letting oil run into another container. You can also strain the oil through a “China cap” during this step.

• Close the valve and fill the fryer with water.

• Add fryer/griddle cleaner to the water. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for proportions.

• Turn the fryer on and heat water/cleaner to 200 F.

• Allow the water to cool slightly, then open the valve and let it run out into a container.

• If food particles remain, remove them by hand after the fryer cools enough to safely touch.

• Use clean cloths to dry the fryer. Be sure to dry every crack, crevice and surface.

• Refill with new oil.