Pizza Today, April 2018

It’s our Toppings Issue! Find out which pizza toppings are hot and regional topping trending. Get ideas and recipes from popular street food. Also featured are portion control, menu design and employee promotion tips. Pizza Today also goes on the road to Cincinnati, Ohio.

You can also check out the Digital Edition — Pizza Today April 2018.

April 1, 2018 |

Pizza Today on the Road: A Tavola, Cincinnati, OH

Come to the Table A Tavola owners invite diners to a new pizza experience in Cincinnati   When you grow up in an educated and well-traveled family, you tend to get exposed to the world in new and meaningful ways. And when your grandmother and mother are great cooks, a passion for food enters your…Read More

April 1, 2018 |

The Local Flavor

  Pizzerias find success with regional toppings It should be no surprise that a country as vast and topographically varied as the United States is composed of not one unified culinary identity but a mosaic of regional specialties. Pizza’s position as an infinitely customizable dish makes it the perfect way to experience local flavors in…Read More

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April 1, 2018 |

Take to the Streets

  Pizza chefs explore street-food-inspired pizzas Street food is synonymous with pushing the limits of cuisine to create something fresh and new or spinning traditional quick bites. What’s the quintessential street food? Pizza, of course. What else is street? What do people crave from a cart, truck or tent? It differs everywhere you go. Street…Read More

April 1, 2018 |

Mike’s Monthly Tip: Embrace Tech

How to use smart phones in your restaurant Remember Napster? Remember how short sighted it seemed when musical acts tried to fight Napster? Metallica looked horrible fighting against the up-and-coming technology. They fought for years against having their catalog available for download and streaming, but eventually they had to give in. Now let’s look at…Read More

April 1, 2018 |

Destinations: Lombardi Pizza Co., NJ; Scarrs, NYC; Max’s Coal Oven, GA

Lombardi Pizza Co. | Martinsville, New Jersey Launched as a food truck in 2011, the sought-after Neapolitan-style mobile unit grew into a brick-and-mortar pizza shop in 2013. The pizzeria applies a meticulous approach to ingredients and pizza dough and a dedication to consistency and service. The food truck still rolls to private parties and catering gigs….Read More

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April 1, 2018 |

Portion Theory

It’s simple — you wanna throw money away or pocket it? This magazine has a lot of articles on why you should portion your product. There are several arguments for the practice, with cost savings and consistency being the two most obvious. There is no good argument against it. None. Laziness is not a good…Read More

April 1, 2018 |

Promoting from Within: Movin’ on Up

Promoting from within can strengthen operations There are two ways to get a manager for your pizzeria: Hire someone with management experience or promote one of your existing employees who has no management experience whatsoever. There are pros and cons for each method. Let’s review. If you hire someone new with management experience, the biggest…Read More

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April 1, 2018 |

Man on the Street: Topping Pet Peeves

Don’t make these critical ingredient errors I’m a simple man. Give me a cheese pizza and I’m usually satisfied. The majority of my pizza eating is comprised of cheese pizzas, which leads my tour guests to ask if I have something against toppings. NOT AT ALL! I love the basics like sausage and garlic pies,…Read More

Lars Smith, co-owner, State of Mind Public House and Pizzeria, Los Altos, California

April 1, 2018 |

Conversation: Lars Smith, State of Mind, Los Altos, CA

State of Mind Public House and Pizzeria Los Altos, California My brother, father and I came up with our concept many years ago at a beer pairing dinner at a wonderful gastropub that features local and seasonal fare. Our concept is relatively simple: we aim to showcase and celebrate the best that California has to…Read More

April 1, 2018 |

Knead to Know: Chicago-Style Thin Crust

John Arena sits down with Tony Troiano of J.B. Alberto’s Ah, Chcago …the Windy City, the city of the Big Shoulders, the home of the deep-dish pizza. All of this is true, but you may be surprised to find out that when Chicago natives think of pizza they overwhelmingly choose thin-crust pizza. For 50 years,…Read More

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April 1, 2018 |

2018’s Top Ingredients a Mix of Old, New Ideas

Hot, Hot, Hot Every year, we ask a handful of pizzeria owners what ingredients sell well in their restaurants, and no two years are alike. While pepperoni still remains the top choice for most, operators find that stepping outside of their comfort zones often translates to bigger profits and repeat business. As more consumers continue…Read More

April 1, 2018 |

The Bestseller’s List

How to write a best-selling menu Special tomatoes. Prosciutto imported from Italy, cured in the same caves for 300 years. Mushrooms from a farm 15 miles away. Organic, non-GMO cheese from a producer who pays all his employees a fair wage. Wait! Stop! It’s at this point that restaurant guests go into overload and just…Read More