August 2011


August 1, 2011 |


When a gas station stops letting customers use the restrooms because some people use them without making a purchase, or when a grocery store refuses to accept responsibility for mistakenly selling spoiled food, they lose business and create negative feelings in potential customers. What they are doing, says Domino’s Pizza franchisee Scott Flaherty, is marketing…Read More

August 1, 2011 |

2011 August: Advice from seasoned independents

Less than three years removed from high school, childhood friends Mark Gold and Lou Siecinski moved from pizza-happy Detroit to Milwaukee to open a pizzeria. Twenty-six years later, Pizza Shuttle is one of the nation’s highest grossing single-store independents. It’s a place many envy, yet, not a spot Gold and Siecinski reached by accident. “Every…Read More

August 1, 2011 |

2011 August: CHOP IT UP!

In the Kitchen // Ingredients CHOP IT UP! Herbs and spices add panache across your menu By Pasquale “Pat” Bruno Photo by Josh Keown Familiarity breeds intent, and those of us in the food business are quite familiar with that duet of herbs: basil and oregano. Generally, our intent is to use them in every…Read More

August 1, 2011 |

2011 August: Ask Big Dave

Hey Dave, I currently own a counter service joint and am looking to open my second location. This location I’m looking to do more sit-down. So my question is, is 30- to 35- percent labor cost reasonable for this type of restaurant? Ryan Olson Montana I think in a full service operation, 30- to 35-percent…Read More