Pizza Today, June 2018, magazine cover

The Health & Safety Issue

How safe is your pizzeria? Explore what to address in an emergency plan and common violations health inspectors catch. Discover olive varieties and recipes. Find strategies to de-escalate an angry customer. Pizza Today also visits Andolini’s in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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Boombozz Pizza, Louisville, ky, Tony Palombino, staff, kitchen, meeting

June 1, 2018 |

Mike’s Monthly Tip: Tribe Mentality

Don’t let common restaurant divisions destroy morale I was at a Raiders game as a kid, and no matter what call the referees made — even when the call was as plain as day that our team was in the wrong — the crowd went ballistic. If it wasn’t in favor of the Silver &…Read More

finished dough temperature

June 1, 2018 |

Knead to Know: Getting Warmer

Temperature is the driver of fermentation, key to effective dough management While at Pizza Expo this year, I met with many pizzeria operators and discussed their ongoing dough problems. What I found was that, in a good many cases, the operators were not exercising any real control over the finished dough temperature. In fact, when…Read More

andolini's, tulsa, oklahoma, pizzas, gelato

June 1, 2018 |

Pizza Today on the Road: Andolini’s, Tulsa, OK

All the Right Moves Andolini’s hits the mark(et) in Tulsa There are some powerhouse cities that are known for their culinary prowess: New York, of course, and San Francisco, Boston and Chicago. Pizzeria owner Mike Bausch is building a regional empire of impressive stores featuring a variety of pizza styles. Roman pizza in Tulsa, Oklahoma? Given the crowds…Read More

Olive Lime chicken pizza, Avocado-Olive Salsa, recipe

June 1, 2018 |

Olives 101: Pit Crew

  Put these flavorful fruits to work in your kitchen The marriage between olives and modern Americans is complicated. Olives are either loved or hated. (Some of my staff can’t even get past the word “olive” by saying immediately: “I don’t DO those.”) Olives (and anchovies) are the toppings that people feel either disgust for…Read More

emergency planning

June 1, 2018 |

EMERGENCY: What do you do when disaster strikes?

Emergency Planning What happens when the pepperoni hits the fan? When natural disaster hits, or some ethically challenged person wants the contents of the cash drawer or someone in your pizzeria needs medical assistance, what is your plan? Every pizzeria needs an emergency plan. If you have 20 or more employees, it’s the law. The…Read More

temperature controlled reach in refrigerator

June 1, 2018 |

Cracking the Health Code

In knowing what most often catches health inspectors’ attention, restaurants can pay particular attention to kitchen hot spots When it comes to health codes and food safety, Alex Lyudmir isn’t taking any chances. The co-owner of Rizzo’s Fine Pizza Co., a two-unit, family-owned concept that’s been dishing up pies in New York City since 1959,…Read More

bartenter service

June 1, 2018 |

At Your Service: Service with a Shrug

Three primary needs that every guest has As a consumer, do you ever get tired of your arrival or questions being received with service with a shrug? You know, that rolling head or eyes movement accompanied with the drop of the shoulders. The audible condescending sigh of contempt because you asked a question or made…Read More

server and customer at table

June 1, 2018 |

Strategies For De-escalating Angry Customers

Taking It Down a Notch It’s a slammed fist. Straightened posture and a swiveling head. A pushed-away plate and abundant eye contact. You’ve got an angry customer, and how you handle this delicate situation is crucial. Did you miss the warning signs? Is your staff properly trained with techniques to diffuse difficult customers now that…Read More

handwashing station

June 1, 2018 |

Man on the Street: How Clean is Clean?

Customers look for certain ‘tells’ when it comes to cleanliness A wave of fear washed over me as I read the headline of a friend’s Facebook post: “It’s a Sad Day for New York City Pizza.” One of New York City’s most famous pizzerias had been shuttered by the Department of Health. Since the DOH…Read More