November 2015


Pretty Fly for a Bar Pie

Who made this year’s Top 100 Pizza Companies list? Find out why the bar pie is gaining attention nationwide. Explore the meatball trend, the shared leadership model, local advertising and more


November 16, 2015 |

Movin’ on Up

Identify potential franchisees from your own talent pool   Your employee has been with you for years, assuming ever-greater responsibility in your restaurant. He’s gained your trust as someone you can rely on. He’s also ambitious, hardworking and wants more, which is why he’s approached you about owning his own store under your restaurant’s name….Read More

November 2, 2015 |

Light Fixtures: Shed Some Light

Choosing the right fixtures is as important as choosing the amount of light   In restaurant lighting, ambiance is important, but it is not the only factor in choosing how to illuminate the dining room. The right light fixtures can make the eatery look trendy, comforting or retro. Whether the operator chooses downlights that are…Read More

November 1, 2015 |

Marketing: Keep it Local

Do you know how to maximize your local marketing? Clayton Krueger has no shortage of opportunities to spend money. As the director of marketing for Farrelli’s Wood Fire Pizza, a 20-year-old, seven-store chain in the Tacoma, Washington, area, Krueger regularly hears pitches from advertising reps –– newspapers, radio, television, billboards, team and event sponsorship and…Read More

butternut squash pizza, fall pizza

November 1, 2015 |

Trending Recipe: Caramelized Butternut Squash Pizza

Trending Recipe: Caramelized Butternut Squash Pizza   Print Author: Pizza Today Ingredients 14-ounce dough ball 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil 3 tablespoons pesto ¾ cup caramelized butternut squash (recipe follows) 2 ounces of goat cheese, crumbled 6 slices of bacon, cooked soft and rough chopped Grated Parmagiano-Reggiano, as garnish Instructions Preheat the oven to…Read More

November 1, 2015 |

Shared Leadership

Cultivate top-notch leaders within your own staff Why is it so important to be a leader and not just the boss? A boss uses people. A leader develops people. Isn’t that what we really want in our businesses –– to develop people to reach their full potential, to be enthusiastic star employees trusted to get…Read More

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November 1, 2015 |

Driven: Let technology drive your deliveries

A successful pizza delivery can be thwarted by a number of roadblocks. There are the expected interferences of busy kitchens, slow cars and the frustration of navigating complicated subdivisions or downtown traffic. Then there are more high tech kind of interferences — loss of Internet or WiFi connection, point-of-sale software (POS) glitches, GPS or power…Read More

November 1, 2015 |

Man on the Street: The Waiting Game

Create ways to ease the delay   Call me crazy, but I actually enjoy waiting at pizzerias. If I’m queued for a table, it’s likely I’m in line with people whose visits were inspired by the same article or television segment that influenced my visit. Before long, we’re comparing notes and suggesting additional destinations to…Read More

Tony Gemignani World-champion Pizzaiolo and Pizzeria Owner

November 1, 2015 |

Respecting the Craft: Sauce Boss

Give this delectable BBQ sauce a try Last month I discussed my hesitation to add a BBQ Chicken pizza to the menu in my San Francisco restaurant. But I finally put my own twist on one and threw caution to the wind. Now, I want to help you step yours up a bit. How? Well,…Read More

November 1, 2015 |

Destinations: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A look at pizzerias in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Nomad Pizza Company From its modest beginning as a food truck, Nomad Pizza has exploded into a three-unit operation — two in Philly, and one in Hopewell, New Jersey. A Princeton, New Jersey, spot is scheduled to open in spring 2016. It’s sought-after Neapolitan- and Roman-style pizzas offer…Read More

November 1, 2015 |

Not Your Mama’s Meatballs

Got meatballs? These recipes  step outside the box   I don’t know about you, but there is just one word — whether spoken in hushed tones or over the din of a crowded restaurant — that brings out all the passion, respect and dignity from the bottom of my dark soul. This word sends electrical…Read More

November 1, 2015 |

Pizza Today on the Road: Pizzicletta, Flagstaff, AZ

The Artist’s Touch Pizzicletta’s artisan pies good blend for Flagstaff diners [SlideDeck2 id=46169] Once considered a deep outpost, Flagstaff — nestled high in northern Arizona’s mountains — is a vibrant college town with an artsy bent. And that’s all the better for Pizzicletta, whose pizza makers practice their craft each day with true artistry. Nothing…Read More

November 1, 2015 |

Dough Doctor: Mixer capacity, presses

Q: I have a 50-quart capacity spiral mixer. Can I mix a dough based on only 25 pounds of flour with my mixer? A: I did a rather extensive study on spiral design mixers a number of years ago for a major manufacturer. What we found was that spiral design mixers are capable of mixing…Read More

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November 1, 2015 |

Pretty Fly for a Bar Pie

Unique pizza style gaining attention   When Adam Kuban started blogging about pizza in 2003, he had no plans of ever running a restaurant. Eleven years later he finds himself at the helm of Margot’s Pizza, a pop-up that’s getting more praise than most established pizzerias. With a decade of pizza-focused food writing under his…Read More

November 1, 2015 |

Pizza Today on the Road: Pisa Lisa, Sedona, AZ

Metamorphasis Chef Lisa Dahl on a quest to transform Sedona dining [SlideDeck2 id=46196] Sedona, Arizona, sits amidst a magical mountain backdrop that draws visitors from around the world to see the area’s famous red rocks. Home of some of America’s top hiking, mountain biking and resort destinations, it stands to reason the city would be…Read More

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November 1, 2015 |

2015 Pizza Today Top 100 Pizza Companies

What’s happening with America’s largest pizza companies? Who added stores in 2015? Who pushed their sales to record highs? Who dropped off a bit? Last month, we published our list of the nation’s 100 most successful independent operations. Now, we present to you our yearly listing of America’s 100 largest pizza chains. Check out who’s…Read More